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About Sherveal

A Born Advocate for Good


The year was 2001 when the life of Sherveal R. Mimes was changed forever. On
September 11th, she had been working for a commercial insurance/risk management
company on the 102nd floor of the south tower of The World Trade Center when the
world paused in bewilderment and dizzying horror. She frantically sought to her keep

life going that morning and having miraculously survived the unspeakable tragedy and chaos of

that day, she sought solace and skirted disillusionment. From that day
forward, Sherveal vowed that she would live a life of purpose, which led her to the
law and its infinite possibilities.

Sherveal pivoted in life by heading to law school, then joining the court system in
2009, where she has served as a Court Attorney in the Civil, Family and Supreme
Courts in her beloved borough of Brooklyn to be exact. Sherveal R. Mimes was born
in Memphis, TN, where life was good and simple. Fruit and pecan trees, family
cookouts, and community gardens – yes, life was simple but good.

Sherveal was sent to live with her mom’s sister in San Diego when she was 14. A blessing of
immeasurable proportions. It was in San Diego where Sherveal was introduced to,
and learned from, new cultures of all types.  And then there was sports, where she
frequently medaled as a high-level track runner in high school.

Sherveal moved to New York with her then husband in 1995, where they started a family.

Fast forward to now, Sherveal is a loving and supportive
mother to two beautiful adult children and grandson. Family, work and service.
Family, work and service. These are three shining motives in Sherveal’s life. If you
asked her children, they’d be quick to dub their mother as a visionary and leader
who never regresses, but always progresses. They’d say that she’s a problem solver

who’s strong-minded yet empathetic, unselfish yet firm, and unceasingly honest and trustworthy.

After graduating from the University of Memphis (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law),

Mimes launched her esteemed legal career in earnest with the State of New
York Unified Court System as a Civil Term Court Attorney. Throughout her 13-year
tenure, more and more welcomed responsibility came her way. Thanks to relentless hard work, Sherveal

is adept at a wide variety of practice areas, including contractual disputes, personal injury, commercial

landlord tenant, real property cases, divorce actions, equitable matters, family law and bench/jury trials. 

Her guru-like quality of being able to pivot among disciplines is one of her most distinguishing qualities.

Sherveal’s experience is complimented by her natural inclination to help others; that’s why

she believes that she is uniquely qualified for the position of Judge of the Civil Court.

At her core, Sherveal is engendered with commitment to elite public service.
She is well-versed, even-keeled, and believes in treating all human beings with dignity and respect.

Sherveal will be fair, steadfast and a justice-driven public servant for Brooklyn. 

Meet the Candidate: Bio
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